Do I Really Need a Company Wiki for My Small Business?

On the fence about whether you need a wiki for your business? Find out how a wiki could impact your business!

Sai Arora - May 20, 2022
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Do I Really Need a Company Wiki for My Small Business?

Chances are, you’ve already heard of Wikipedia. In fact, most of us use Wikipedia on almost a daily basis to access useful information about historical events, celebrities, or places around the world. But did you know that companies can also create and maintain their own wiki pages?

Over time, a company accumulates a lot of information. Without a good method of storing this information, it can easily become lost or confused over time. 

Here’s an intro to getting a company wiki and a few reasons why it could transform your business for the better.

What is a company wiki?

A company wiki is pretty similar to any other Wikipedia page. It’s an online location where you can catalog information about your business’s history, processes, and personnel so that you remain organized and transparent as your company continues to grow and expand. You can even create off-shoot pages and links or upload media files. Think of it as your online archive for all relevant information pertaining to your organization. 

How a corporate wiki can transform your business

Is a company wiki really that important? Here are a few reasons why every company, small or large, can benefit from creating one. 

Help your customers find you

These days, most companies need an online presence to be successful. Having an up-to-date website, a Google Maps location, and online ads can help you establish a reputation as a brand and become the first company that comes to mind when people think of your industry.

A company wiki can be another online location where new and returning customers can find you. With a quick Google search, customers will have access not only to your website but also to your Wikipedia page, where they’ll find useful information about your company’s history and values. Not only will this help them to feel more connected to your company, but it will also give you additional credibility. 

Take control of your image and reputation

There’s nothing worse than losing control of your brand image. Negative reviews, bad SEO, or even poor word-of-mouth among customers can sometimes tarnish your reputation. With a company wiki, you’ll be able to take back some control of how your customers see you. When they Google your company, they won’t see your negative reviews—instead, they’ll see your corporate wiki.

On your wiki page, you’ll be able to decide which information you highlight and which information you leave out, so it’s the perfect way to maintain a strong and stable brand image and solidify your reputation. 

Catalog your organization’s history and keep track of documents

It’s always useful to keep a good record of your company’s history and documentation. It can help you to create a sense of company history as time goes on, which, in turn, can help to create a strong sense of loyalty and pride among employees. Plus, it can be practically useful, too. Want to track down an old document or process to use in a new campaign? Want to source an old brand logo for a centenary celebration? Want to look at a document you created last week? Everything you need will be quickly accessible right on the wiki.

Synchronize your wiki with existing tools for internal collaboration

As a modern company, you probably already use quite a few tools. A company wiki is easy to synchronize, so you won’t have to deal with clunky, time-consuming app crossover. Instead, you’ll be able to seamlessly move documents across your various apps and platforms straight into your wiki—and vice versa. If you have a messy Google Drive filled with folders and files, for instance, an app like Kbee can instantly transfer all of it straight into a brand new company wiki.

Use a company wiki for content marketing 

Content marketing is rapidly becoming one of the most important forms of digital marketing. In fact, good content marketers can generate 7.8 times more traffic in a year. The basic concept is that when people Google a query such as, “How do I fix my computer?” they’re presented with relevant results. By writing content that answers common queries your customers may have, you’ll automatically be bringing relevant potential customers (customers who are actually looking for your product already) straight to your website. 

With your company wiki page, you can build off-shoot pages that focus on your customers’ pain points and demonstrate how your product can help them overcome them—so when they do their next Google search, your wiki will appear.

Create your own company wiki today with Kbee

Ready to get started? It’s easy to set up your first company wiki with Kbee on your side. We can instantly create a beautiful, searchable, company wiki straight from your company Google Drive. You’ll even be able to create pages for your wiki within Google Docs!

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