How to Make a Wiki Page for Your Marketing Plan

Are you thinking about using a company wiki to boost your marketing plan? Here's why it works and how to make a wiki today.

Sai Arora - Jun 17, 2022
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What do you do when you need to find quick information? Chances are, you head straight to Google—and after typing in your query, nine times out of ten, the search engine will take you to Wikipedia. Wikipedia is a giant online encyclopedia. The database has interlinked articles on just about everything under the sun. 

Now imagine if you could do the same thing when you're looking for information related to your company. Working on a marketing campaign and want to include an image from last year's company photoshoot? Looking for statistics about your company's growth in the last few years? With a company wiki, all of this information will be quickly and easily accessible. All you need to do is type in a key term and all of the relevant documents, images, graphics, and statistics will come up—just as they would on Wikipedia. 

Today, we'll be discussing how to make a wiki page for your company to assist in your marketing efforts.

Can a wiki page boost your marketing efforts?

First of all, let's discuss how a company wiki can play a role in your marketing plans. According to one survey, users of corporate wikis tend to find that the benefits are enhanced reputation, work made easier, and helping the organization to improve its processes—so how does this translate into marketing? 

Organization and storage

As a marketing team, you probably have a lot of digital assets and documents. Whether it's images, statistics, graphics, logos, or PDFs from old campaigns, it can quickly become overwhelming—especially when you want to find and use old materials for research or even for a new campaign.

With a company wiki, you'll be able to quickly organize and tag all of your assets so that they’re easily searchable. Research has found that employees spend up to 19% of their time looking for internal information, so simplifying and streamlining your storage solution is vital.

Streamlining your marketing team

A company wiki can also help to get everyone on the same page. With a company wiki, you'll be able to keep all of your documents up to date so that no one ever has access to outdated materials. 

Social networking

A company wiki can even be used for expanding your social network externally. You'll have the chance to open up certain pages to your clients and customers, giving them a place to learn more about your company and access useful information. This way, a wiki can even become part of your digital marketing plan.

How to make a wiki for your business

Making a company wiki for marketing isn't as hard as it may seem. Here are the key steps to follow:

1. Choose a wiki solution

Instead of trying to build a wiki from scratch, a wiki solution like Kbee can take care of creating your wiki for you. At Kbee, we simply transform your Google Drive into a beautiful and secure wiki for your team in a matter of minutes.

2. Organize your internal data

Once you've selected a wiki solution, you'll need to gather and organize the data you’d like stored in your wiki. With Kbee, the data should be stored in a Google Drive. So, start to gather your documents, assets, and data into well-organized Google Drive folders.

3. Start importing

Once your Google Drive is all set, simply send it across to your wiki solution and they'll automatically build your wiki.

4. Continue to organize your wiki

Once the wiki is built, you can continue to refine and organize by adding tags or moving things around. You can even add links to other websites to make the wiki as easy to use as possible.

5. Configure access settings

Once your wiki looks the way you want it to, spend some time configuring your access settings. These settings will determine who can access what within the wiki. Some companies want to keep the entire wiki open to people within the company. Others choose to open up certain parts of the wiki to members of the public as part of their digital marketing plan. You may even want to make some parts of the wiki accessible to only one or two people within the company. By configuring your access settings, you'll ensure that nobody can see information they shouldn't.

6. Launch

The final step is to launch your wiki and start using it!

Let Kbee help you create the ideal business wiki

Kbee offers easy-to-use software that will help you create a professional company wiki knowledge base in just moments. We can take your company's Google Drive and transform it into a fully functioning, searchable database for your employees. Not only will it transform your marketing team's ability to store and use their assets, but it will also help every other department, too

Sign up for a trial of Kbee today to find out how it works.