Why every small business should use a knowledge base

Learn why every small business should be using a knowledge base. With a little creativity, a knowledge base can help you achieve the results you're looking for with your business.

Sai Arora - May 06, 2022
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A knowledge base is a single place to document and refer to information related to your business. For many small businesses, a knowledge base can be a secret weapon for success and growth. With it, you can scale faster, provide a better customer experience, and even make more money! Let’s explore how you can start seeing these results in your business. 

Scale Faster

A knowledge base is the perfect place to document your internal processes for employees to refer to. Scaling businesses depend on everyone following the same process. When employees follow the right process, they move faster and serve customers better. Internal knowledge bases empower your employees to find answers themselves and foster autonomy. It's also easier to onboard new employees to your company when you use a knowledge base. New hires can learn different processes and reference them whenever they need to. This allows them to start contributing to your business faster.

Provide a great customer experience

A knowledge base is also crucial to providing a great customer experience. These days, customers expect some sort of knowledge base or help center they can refer to. Often, customers make a purchasing decision based on availability of a help center or not. A knowledge base helps you reduce customer support emails and improve product engagement.  Your customers can find the answers they’re looking for faster without engaging your team. Providing a high-quality help center can help set you apart from your competition. Help Centers can also improve your SEO which can attract more customers to your business. But more on that later.

Make money

You can use a knowledge base to make money for your business. 2020 forced business owners to rethink how they provide services to their customers. Many turned to offering courses, coaching, content and other “information products” online. A knowledge base is a great compliment to these services. They allow you to provide value while keeping your customers engaged with your brand. This presents you with future upsell opportunities.  If you haven’t done so, you may want to consider offering a premium knowledge base for a fee to your prospects.

A knowledge base can also help improve your business’ SEO score. If your knowledge base has high quality content within it, it can help you rank higher for the keywords you want. This improves your chances of new customers finding you and builds your brand image.

A knowledge base can move the needle on many of your business objectives. In our next post, we’ll talk about the different knowledge base products you could use to see the results above. Stay tuned!